Simple Steps to Update a Dated Website

Simple Steps to Update a Dated Website

Nothing beats a brand new website. A new website presents your company in the best possible light. It shows that your company is both current and connected.

But let’s say you’re not able to commit to a full website redesign and you’d like to get another six months to a year out of your current site.¬† Maybe this is dictated by budget or maybe you’d like the old site to look better while you’re working on your redesign. Either way, we have some tips for simple things you can do to get your old site looking better in the interim.

1. Change out your homepage image(s)

This one is super simple. Your site can look completely different just by putting different pictures on the homepage. You can even do this yourself if your current site has a content management system (CMS). If it doesn’t, your web designer can easily switch out the photos for you. And make a note to add a CMS to your must have list for a future website redesign.

2. Add social media links

One way to tell that a website hasn’t been updated in a while is the lack of links to social media sites – LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your web designer should be able to add these icons with a corresponding link for a nominal fee.

3.  Update content and company information

This one might seem obvious, but it can often be overlooked: update your content and most importantly, you’re company’s information. Double check and make sure your phone number, address, and any contact emails are up-to-date. You’ll also want to make sure that your prices are current if you have products or a menu on your site. Then, take it one step further and put some new content on your site. This could be as simple as rewriting the “about us” page or as in-depth as writing some blog posts. New content tells your customers that someone is paying attention to the site and it’s not just something that’s been thrown up and forgotten. (Psst, it also tells Google that!)

Then when you’re ready for that website redesign, give us a call and we’ll help you make something awesome!