E-Commerce for Restaurants

E-Commerce is a great way to open a store without having to buy property, buy materials or buy a building.  CRS has worked with numerous e-commerce solutions for happy clients.  “E-commerce” simply means any online purchasing from your website.  CRS has provided e-commerce web design with multiple businesses in the Boston area to provide easy to use solutions in the e-commerce field.

Featured website:  Kendall Kitchen.

kendall kitchen
A recent project was with Kendall Kitchen in Cambridge, MA.  Kendall Kitchen needed an e-commerce solution that would allow customers to skip the line and order online.  CRS provided an effective interface where customers could customize their order and create a login that would remember them.  This makes for an easy ordering system that keeps customers coming back.

Feel free to visit the site and order a delicious meal…all online!  http://www.kendallkitchen.com
Kendall Kitchen, Kendall Sq.  Cambridge, MA.