How Much Does a Website Cost?

How much does a website cost?
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How Much Does a Website Cost?

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How much does a website Cost? This is the most common question I get asked by my clients. And probably the most important. The problem is, there is no one universal price for a website.

I use the analogy of a car. It is very hard to walk into a dealership and ask, how much does a car cost? It depends on what kind of car you want and what comes with it. Do you want a Hyundai (no offense to the good folks at Hyundai) or do you want a Cadillac? The same applies to determining the cost of website. It is up to the client and what they need for features. Everyone has a different budget, different expectations and different needs for their website.

Continuing the car analogy, websites become, and always will become, outdated. Sure, that wood paneling on your 1993 Jeep Cherokee was pretty sweet on the family vacation, but in 2014 it’s a dinosaur. The same is true for websites. Everything was cutting edge at one point. But it won’t stay that way forever. That sweet wood paneling might have cost a pretty penny in the day. Just like flash might have on your last web design. But, time waits for no car and time waits for no website. No matter how much you paid in the past, you need to update your website regularly. 

Also, a website can seem very simple to a potential customer, while its functionality is not. Conversely, a website’s functionality can sometimes look very complex and it might be extremely simple. That’s why I try to stay clear of giving a quote until I get some idea of the scope of a project. This is why I don’t have set prices on my website. It’s too general to ask how much does a website cost? But I’m happy to discuss your project and get you a quote quickly. We are an affordable web design company and we’ll work with you to fit your budget. 

It is all too easy to over promise if I don’t have a clear objective and a clear idea of the functionality of the site you’re looking to build. Which brings me to the first step in the agreement process: Listening to the client (see next post).