Don’t Be Caught Outdated! Get a Content Management System

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Don’t Be Caught Outdated! Get A Content Management System

By: Caitlin

One of the Golden Rule’s of web design is that content is king. The visual trends may change constantly, but content remains the most important. And since your website doesn’t have a “Best if used by” date stamped on it, you better make sure that the content is always up to date!

We’ve talked a little bit about the need to redesign your website every two years. But what about the in-between time? You still want to make sure that your site is fresh and that the information on it is accurate and up to date. Check out best commercial plumbers. This is where a content management system becomes invaluable.

A content management system allows you back end access to your website so that you can make changes and updates to keep pace with your company. New attorney at your firm? Log in to the content management system and add their bio to the site. Seasonal menus at your restaurant? No problem, log in to the content management system and update the menu page. You get the idea.

Not too long ago, the Boston media ran wild with a story about an epic email exchange between a certain Harvard Business School professor (we won’t name names!) and a manager at a family-owned restaurant in Brookline. If you happened to be under a rock a few weeks ago and missed it, I highly recommend Googling it to read the full exchange. It’s that entertaining.

Update menu prices using a content management system

For our purposes, we won’t get into the fight, we’ll just give you the facts. Basically, the Harvard professor placed a takeout order after looking up the restaurant’s menu online. When he received his food, he felt he was overcharged based on the prices listed on the website, which were out of date.

We imagine this high profile incident was a wake up call for a lot of restaurants! And the solution could not be easier. With a content management system, you can easily update your menu prices and avoid similar drama.

Another common area that can often goes neglected on a website is the events calendar. Too many bars have an outdated events calendar. You can’t be the place to be if the most recent event listed on your website’s calendar is from 2012. 2012 is not quite so happening in 2015. Even if you have a great band playing this weekend, if it isn’t on your events calendar, nobody knows about it. Don’t let your website sent the wrong message to your potential customers. visit website.

If you’re interested in a site with a content management system, give us a call. We’ll help you design an awesome site with a comprehensive content management system that we’ll train you how to use. Don’t get caught with last season’s content ever again!