Benefits of a WordPress Website

Yes, you can do your own changes to your websites.  It’s 2016, this is extremely common.  Wordpress is a great way to achieve an easy to use back end at a low cost.  You can login from any computer and quickly make changes easily.  Often, “doing your own changes” is initially very intimidating to my clients.  Even people who don’t like checking their email can do this using WordPress.  A Content Management System (CMS) does not have to be WordPress, of course.  But it will drastically reduce the price.  For example, a custom coded background will cost the client much more.

WordPress can also save a lot of money on more complex functionalities.  For example, shopping cart systems.  Similar to choosing apps on a phone.  You can choose plugins for WordPress that act in a similar way.  This means, you don’t need to create things from scratch all the time.  This saves on a lot of custom coding.

Again, WordPress is a great solution if you want to do your own changes and save a lot of money.