Ad Words Tip: Geo Target your Ads

When you sign up for Google Ad Words they may not mention that your website could show anywhere in the U.S.  It will be extremely helpful to your company to target the area

You can view where your Ads are coming from using Google Analytics or logging into your Ad Words account and going to Campaign>Dimensions>Geographic.


A lot of people will set up their Google Ad Words marketing and not realize that even though their keywords are targeting a specific location their searches may be coming from far away. Check super cleaning service louisville.  In some cases, as far away as Indonesia, Russia and South Pacific.  These are clearly spam and wasting your money on every click.

Do not waste money on spammers.  Make sure they people you want to target are physically located in your target location.  Someone could type “Boston Web Design” but be an international solicitor looking for Boston Web Design companies to solicit to.

You can set up your Ad Words to make sure and verify that the only people who see your adds are people who have a physical location in your targeted area, visit us.

Call CRS and make sure you are not paying for a scammer or spammer to steal your clicks from an international location.