Increase And Track Traffic

Drive more traffic to your site through search engine marketing

CRS will analyze your site’s current marketability and offer solutions to improve ranking and visibility on the web. CRS utilizes Search Engine Marketing to make your business appear in searches from your target audience. This form of SEM uses “Pay Per Click” marketing. This is the platform that is used by Google AdWords, the largest internet marketing platform in the world.

“Pay Per Click” is a form of online marketing, wherein you only get charged when your ad gets clicked on. You will pick a number of different phrases and keywords that relate to your business. CRS will help you find these keywords and the phrases that will be most profitable to your business. When someone searches for these keywords your ad will appear on the top of the page. The key aspect of PPC is the fact you only get charged when your ad is clicked on. If nobody clicks on your ad you are charged nothing.

This allows us to track exactly what phrases and locations are attracting customers to your site. We can provide you with an in-depth report of all your monthly traffic.